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Apple Watch Repair

If you are an Apple watch user - you may know that there are fewer shops that can really fix your Apple watch as before. But Tech Labz is one of the leading Apple watch repair shops in Bolton, UK. We offer Apple watch repair services for all types and models - whether it's a cracked or broken screen, belt, charging port, water damage, or software issue - our certified Apple technicians will fix your Apple watch at the best price.

Apple Watch Repair Services in the UK

It's not easy to trust any random Apple watch repair services provider in the UK, Bolton. You need Apple-certified technicians - who specialize in Apple watch repair services provider that is widely trusted and have extensive work records in providing best-in-class Apple gadget repairing and refurbishing services.

Repair your damaged Apple watch with Tech Labz, a certified Apple watch repairing window shop in the UK. We provide Apple smart watches and all other Apple gadgets repairing services in Bolton,

Same-Day Apple Watch Repair in the UK

Tech Labz repairing Apple products for over 5 years. We have a team of certified workers using the latest tools and software to fix your watch. If you’re looking for Apple watch repair services in Bolton Manchester, Darwen, Blackburn, Chorley, and Preston UK. We’re an authorized Watch repair services provider. We will repair your smartwatch on the same day.

Instant Apple Watch Battery Replacement

Our Apple watch repairing services bucket primarily includes Apple watch screen repair and top-notch Apple watch battery replacement at your fingertips.

Need a cracked front screen repair or a completely new LCD replacement; We have made all solutions and technical expertise available to you. Don’t worry if your Apple Watch needs its digital crown, power button repair, or digital heart rate sensor repair. Our technical savvy team specializes in identifying every tiny issue.

Apple Watch Screen Repair

There are several reliable third-party trusted and certified repair services that specialize in Apple Watch screen repair. But we are one of the leading Apple watch broken repair services providers in Bolton, UK.

Apple Watch Screen Repair Cost

Apple Watch screen repair cost depends on the model and the extent of the damage. Generally, the cost of an Apple Watch screen repair can cost you in the UK for an Apple Watch 1st generation is around £75, while the cost of a screen repair for an Apple Watch 4th generation is around £200.

Tech Labz Apple Watch Repair Services Include;

  • Cracked front screen repair
  • New LCD Replacement
  • New BATTERY Replacement
  • Digital Crown / Power Button Repair
  • Digital Heart Rate Sensor Repair

Apple Watch Series & Models We Can Repair

At Tech Labz, we have you all covered by providing prompt Apple watch fix and repair services for all the latest and old Apple watch series and models below. 

Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch [First Generation].

Choose - Certified Apple Watch Repair Shop in Bolton, UK. We use the same technology, software, and tools as Apple. To maintain the 100% satisfaction of our customers. We charge competitive prices for Apple watch repair services.

  • Series 7     45mm
  • Series 7     41mm
  • Series 6     44mm
  • Series 6     40mm 
  • Series SE     44mm           
  • Series SE     40mm   
  • Series 5       44mm
  • Series 5       40mm
  • Series 4       44mm
  • Series 4       44mm
  • Series 3       42mm
  • Series 3      38mm
  • Series 2     42mm
  • Series 2     38mm
  • Series 1      42mm
  • Series 1      38mm

How much Apple Watch Repair Cost?

If you have a question in your mind how does Apple Watch screen repair cost in the UK? Here are the prices we list for the different repair services of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Cracked Screen Repair Cost in the UK

To repair you Apple Watch cracked screen in the UK - third-party Apple Watch repair shop will cost everywhever in the UK

  1. Apple Watch Series 7 £89.99
  2. Apple Watch Series SE £84.99
  3. Apple Watch Series 6 £84.99
  4. Apple Watch Series 5 £79.99
  5. Apple Watch Series 4 £79.99
  6. Apple Watch Series 3 £64.99
  7. Apple Watch Series 2 £64.99
  8. Apple Watch Series 1 £64.99

New Apple Watch Screen Replacement Cost in the UK

Here is the price for Apple Watch screen replacement in the UK- You have to pay everywhere in the UK for "New Apple Watch Screen Replacement".

  1. Apple Watch Series 7 £220.00
  2. Apple Watch Series SE £210.00
  3. Apple Watch Series 6 £200.00
  4. Apple Watch Series 5 £200.00
  5. Apple Watch Series 4 £149.99
  6. Apple Watch Series 3 £120.00
  7. Apple Watch Series 2 £120.00
  8. Apple Watch Series 1 £79.99

Apple Watch Battery Replacement Cost in the UK

Apple Watch battery replacement cost in the UK - that you will pay everywhere in the UK.

  1. Apple Watch Series 7 £70.00
  2. Apple Watch Series SE £70.00
  3. Apple Watch Series 6 £70.00
  4. Apple Watch Series 5 £75.00
  5. Apple Watch Series 4 £65.00
  6. Apple Watch Series 3 £65.00
  7. Apple Watch Series 2 £60.00
  8. Apple Watch Series 1 £45.00

Apple Watch Digital Heart Rate Sensor Repair Cost in the UK

If your Apple Watch Sensor not working - looking for repair costs, here we mention the latest price for Apple Watch digital heart rate sensor repair.

  1. Apple Watch Series 7 £84.99
  2. Apple Watch Series SE £84.99
  3. Apple Watch Series 6 £84.99
  4. Apple Watch Series 5 £84.99
  5. Apple Watch Series 4 £84.99
  6. Apple Watch Series 3 £64.99
  7. Apple Watch Series 2 £64.99
  8. Apple Watch Series 1 £64.99

Feel free to contact with Tech Labz online support team 24/7, for Apple Watch repair services and quotations.